Craigslist Joins the C&D Club

Well, add another one to the small list of people screwing with my fun-- Craigslist says I have to take down

No big deal really, it is their data. But people should be (and maybe will become) more aware of how restrictive CL is with the data they give them. There are endless variations on how that data could be used to help people find things faster and in more creative ways. Instead, you're still relegated to the crappy one-region keyword searches CL chooses to provide. No photo-based searches, no wider region searches, no graphical representations of data, nothing.

Positive side? Craigslist is unfriendly enough, and lame enough from a user perspective, to leave openings for true competition. And that'll solve it eventually.

My other cease and desist friends include the NCAA and Phil Hendrie. All of them legitimate, all of them complied with. But all sort of lame too.


Hey, I just wanted to say I used Craigsy alot and it was SO handy. I used the radius search to decide if what was offered was truly worth my buying it (adding in the cost of gas in my old truck), or was truly nearby. Anyway, thanks for your doing this, it was appreciated! Hopefully Craigslist will improve or some other service will appear that is more user friendly.